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    • Food Contact Materials Services

      EU Food Grade Germany-LFGB France-DGCCRF Italy-Italian Decree of the Ministry of Health USA-FDA Learn More
    • Toys and Juvenile Products Services

      2009/48/EC and EN 71 series CPSIA GB 6675 CCPSA AS/NZS ISO 8124 ISO 8124 Learn More
    • Electrical and Electronic Products Services

      RoHS 2.0 (2011/65/EU) China RoHS SVHCsSubstances of Very High Concern WEEE PAHs Learn More
    • Textile and Leather Products Services

      pH value Formaldehyde Heavy metals Azo dyes Allergenous disperse dyes Organic compounds Learn More
    • Automotive Chemistry Testing

      ELV prohibited substances testing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) testing Formaldehyde testing Odour testing Learn More
    • Vehicle test

      Environmental test Bench test Learn More
    • Automotive Components Test

      Interior and Exterior Trims Electrical Components Learn More
    • Material analysis

      Mechanical Property Testing Appearance Testing Water and chemical reagents resistant Testing Environmental testing Coating Property Testing Learn More
    About STQ
    STQ Testing Services Co., Ltd.(STQ) is a comprehensive testing lab which providing comprehensive testing services in consumer products, toy and Juvenile products, Water products. STQ is an accredited laboratory in International Accreditation Service (IAS) with its No TL-532, in National Measurement Accreditation (CMA) with its No.2012100570l and approved by Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC) with its No.1424. STQ believes the development of society and company keep closes to the development of safety, technology and quality. STQ will catch up with newest regulations and standards to build up the Quality protection line for enterprise.
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